My Ultimate Travel Bucket List


A recent conversation with my husband resulted in my serious contemplation of what destinations “I just have to see” before I die.  I had always kept a few of them in the back of my mind, but this conversation revealed that some new locales have jumped up my list.  I won’t share my husband’s travel list because let’s face it, his pretty much matches mine.  Please let me know if you’ve ever visited any of these spots or if they rank high on your list as well.


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My love of all things Egyptian began in the fifth grade when we studied Ancient Egypt for the better part of the school year.  My greatest ambition was to be an Egyptologist, but alas I let that dream go.  One of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Peters has a fantastic series of novels featuring a crime fighting Egyptologist named Amelia Peabody Emerson.  If you’ve never read anything from the series, but think you might be interested, then check out the first novel here.  Having just turned 35, I’m plotting and planning to be on the Giza plateau for my 40th birthday no matter what! 


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The land Down Under has also been a fascination of mine from my early years, but for a completely different reason.  While watching my favorite soap General Hospital in 1996, the character of Jasper “Jax” Jacks (portrayed by Ingo Rademacher) completely captivated me!  I was going through a pretty rough patch during that time, and watching to see what Jax and Brenda would get up to stopped me from doing some crazy things.  I began to study everything I could about Australia, and even requested an application from the University of Sydney for my undergraduate studies.  I’ve already let my hubby know that we’ll be visiting for at least three weeks when we go, and not a day shorter!


jonatan-pie-216311_iceland-300x200 My Ultimate Travel Bucket ListAbout ten years ago I was pen pals with a lady from Bavaria, and as we became close friends, she sent me photos from a recent vacation she’d just taken to Reykjavik.  As I’ve researched flights and deals, I’ve come to realize that it’s not a long flight from my home here in the Inland Northwest, and that the ticket prices can be very reasonable.   A chance to see the Aurora Borealis in all its glory is also a great incentive for me to plan this trip.


jaromir-kavan-176797_prague-300x169 My Ultimate Travel Bucket ListThis pick is definitely the most sentimental of the bunch!  My father in law’s family is from the Czech Republic, and we’re pretty sure my husband still has some distant cousins there.  As a travel show junkie, I always enjoyed any program that featured this beautiful city.  With our kids getting older, it’s very important to me that they see and experience this part of their background, especially since their grandfather died before they were born.


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Just adding this picture makes me so happy!  Second only to Egypt, Ancient Greece also fascinated me as a child, and I used to be able to tell you each of the God’s names in alphabetical order!  Yeah, I was a very nerdy child!  We actually considered traveling to Greece for our honeymoon, but starting my new job nixed that idea.  I’m pretty sure that a Greek island cruise would be the best way for me to see as much of this country as possible.

So, those are my current top choices, but knowing me, they’ll change a bit before I actually get to them.  What are your must see bucket list travel destinations.


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pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 My Ultimate Travel Bucket List