Top Five Things I Would Tell My Younger Self!


I recently received a call from a sophomore at my undergraduate alma mater, who while trying to request donations to the school, also preceded to tell me all about what’s happened since I graduated 12 years ago.  Ouch, has it been that long!!   Anyway, after ending the call, I started to think about what advice I would have given to a younger me.  Since I did end up giving this young lady some advice she was thankful for, I decided I should also write it here for posterity.  These are not in order of importance, just what I wish I would’ve known as a younger woman!

1.Enjoy Your Body

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This one might sound a bit weird, but allow me to explain.  Unlike several of my friends I didn’t put on the “Freshmen 15” that other girls did, but instead was at my smallest size to date!  I think this basically stems from the fact that I wasn’t eating nearly as much of the junk that I did as an insecure girl in high school, but it could also be the fact that I had to travel back and forth to school every day without a car.  Anyway, although I was very slim but curvy at this time, I was always super self-conscious about my body.  When I think of the fact that I was a size 4, but was certain that I was a “fat pig” no matter what anyone said to me, I become unbearably sad. This time in my life is the one period where I know I was being influenced by TV and models in magazines to believe that I was not good enough.  Instead of being ashamed to wear a bikini, I should’ve worn one every chance I got!  My body isn’t nearly as tight as it used to be, so I wish I would’ve enjoyed it the way it was then, and not feel bad about myself constantly!

2.Travel, Travel, Travel!!!

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While I have been blessed to see several different destinations in my life, I was held back from seeing a whole bunch more because I was afraid to travel by myself.  The picture above is from a trip to Rome I took in 2006 with two of my friends and was one of the best trips I ever went on.  However, knowing how I was back then, I know that I would’ve never went on that trip had my two friends not gone with me.  Imagine missing out on such a wonderful trip just because I would be alone!  I’m very proud to say that I went to London alone in 2008, and know in my heart that I was changed fundamentally just from flying so far from home to a strange city alone.  During my undergraduate studies, I had several opportunities to study abroad, but again talked myself out of it due to fear! 

3.Don’t Be So Shy!

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Being shy has been a struggle for me throughout my entire life.  During my younger years, I could go months in someone’s company, and they not know anything but the basics about me.  This resulted in me missing out on several opportunities both romantic and platonic.  I recall to this day that a girl I went through eight years of school with wrote a note in my yearbook wishing that I had been more open and friendly because she felt like we could have been good friends.  I had often felt like there were several occasions where I could have been more open to a friendship with this girl, but would always pull back before she could get too close.  As a young girl, my mother always told me not to rush into situations where I did not know all the players.  I think I took this too much to heart, and so would hold myself back from actually getting to know people.  I’m much more open now but wish I could have realized what being shy was costing me a long time ago.

4.Let Him GO!

yank Top Five Things I Would Tell My Younger Self!

During my freshmen year of college, I started a relationship with a guy that I thought was “the one”.  I ended up wasting a lot of my time on this relationship mainly because the man in question wasn’t sure what he wanted.  My grandmother always told me that if a man wants you, then he will consistently make his case, and not allow the possibility that another man might have you instead.  I should have listened to my grandma, but I chose to make excuses for why our relationship never moved beyond a certain point.  Thankfully, I found “the one”, so it’s ok, but I shed many tears getting to this point.

5.Don’t Give Up!

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When I first entered college I majored in Finance and was completely fascinated by the rules and structure.  As the semesters flew by, I was discouraged from continuing by a dean at my university.  While she meant well, it was expressed to me that perhaps I should become a history or English major instead due to my low grades in math classes.  Don’t get me wrong, math never was my favorite subject, but I think I should have buckled down instead of switching to my English major.  As much as I loved my professors and the courses I took, I still feel sad that I didn’t try harder to complete the business coursework.


So, there are the top five things I would tell my younger self if I had the chance!  It’s amazing how easy it becomes to think about what I could’ve done now that I’m so far away from it.  What would you have told your younger self?

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pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Top Five Things I Would Tell My Younger Self!


  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I would likely tell my younger self many of the same things. Your advice to let go of the dead-end relationship and to not give up on the right education ring particularly true with me. I wish someone had been around to give me that advice when I needed it!

    26 . 11 . 2017
  2. Yeah

    These are great tips to give your younger self, if only we could turn back time

    26 . 11 . 2017
  3. Anna nuttall

    Oh man I wish I could talk to my younger self. I enjoyed reading this and I should really make my own list. xx

    26 . 11 . 2017
  4. Kelley Aroura

    This post is DEFINITELY some “food for thought”. I would probably tell myself not to be so shy and to travel more (alone). I moved to a new state, no friends and family. it brought be out of my shell completely. You can’t be shy or you will never meet anybody! Traveling alone has brought me so MUCH knowledge and has CHALLENGED me in so many positive ways. but my YOUNGER-SELF would have never listened to anyone telling me my own advice, as i already “knew it all”! 🙂

    26 . 11 . 2017
  5. Tina Grant

    Oh, there is so much I would tell myself. Ha! Amazing what we learn as time goes by. Many you have mentioned I can relate. Another that comes to mind, is not to be so sensitive and dont sweat the small stuff.

    26 . 11 . 2017
  6. Sondra Barker

    I agree with all of this! I so wish I could go back in time sometimes!

    Sondra xx

    27 . 11 . 2017
  7. andrea

    OMG, there are so many things I would tell my younger self but who is going to warn my older self? I have so many things I am still learnin. Great post.

    27 . 11 . 2017
  8. Liev Cruz

    I totally Say Amen! When I was younger I wasn’t able to travel alot because I don’t have the means. But know I can so I do it. Also enjoy and show off your body whle your young, believe me your confidence would be better.

    29 . 11 . 2017
  9. Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh

    That is excellent advice. I would have given the same to myself. I was a teeny tiny size 7 in highschool (I’m tall), but would have sworn I was fat. I was hooked on a guy for years!!! :-/ Should have let him go and lived my life! Should have TRAVELED when I had the chance. And i shouldn’t have given up on myself and not finished school. I am struggling with my 18 year old daughter now. She seems to think my advice is crap. 🙁

    29 . 11 . 2017
  10. Milton Goh

    Great post that got me thinking! I would tell my younger self to not try so hard but just trust god sooner. Let it go in his hands because he can but I can’t.

    29 . 11 . 2017
  11. Karlee

    I graduated undergrad about a year ago and still wish I would have known these. Well you live and you learn right? I like your grandmother’s advice I’m going to have to remember that one!

    30 . 11 . 2017
  12. JEssica T

    This post totally got me thinking. What would I say to my younger self? This is a really neat thing to consider.

    30 . 11 . 2017
  13. Nancy P

    I think I would have told myself a few of the same things.. Like travel! I would love to go to a few places asap.

    30 . 11 . 2017
  14. Jessica Taylor

    I REALLY WITH I WOULD HAVE TOLD MYSELF TO BE MORE CONFIDENT! i was so quiet back then, and didn’t get out much.

    30 . 11 . 2017
  15. Suzanne Spiegoski

    This is such an inspiring post! I definitely resonated with traveling and letting him go. Thanks! xo

    30 . 11 . 2017
  16. Nina Lewis

    Time truly does fly and hindsight is 20/20. but I like you have been out of college 13 years ouch! It can’t be that long but time seems to fly by now but these are all great pieces of advice

    30 . 11 . 2017
  17. Blair villanueva

    I studied in the university that is outside the main city and quite far from social pressure which i think a good idea. I enjoyed my college years, tried many things and travel. It was good years.
    But at early years, i already set a gameplan how to survive college, and i glad i did.

    30 . 11 . 2017
  18. Latoyia Dennis

    This is such a great post. I really love your tips to your younger self. I would tell mysekf similar things, especially to love my body. Good stuff.

    01 . 12 . 2017
  19. Brandi Crawford

    This is such a great list! I am totally with you on the travel. It’s a must have experience.

    02 . 12 . 2017

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