The Return of JTV!

One of my guiltiest pleasures, Jane the Virgin, began it’s fourth season tonight (10/13/17).  As much as I was looking forward to it, I have to say that “Chapter Sixty-Five” was not one of my favorites!  I’m hoping that as the season progresses, my  feelings will change, but in case they don’t, here’s…

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Five Ways My Life Has Changed Since Becoming A Parent!

In my post Mirror, Mirror…, I mentioned my challenges as a stepmother, and my worry that the kids might resent me for telling them what to do when I’m not their “real” mom.  Thankfully, I think writing that post helped me get a lot off my chest, so here I’m listing the five ways becoming a parent has…


Things to Do On the Big Island of Hawaii

My husband and I chose the big island of Hawaii for our combined honeymoon/first anniversary trip last year, and loved it so much we decided to take the whole family back this year.  To be honest, I’d never really been interested in traveling to Hawaii, but my husband was very keen to travel to somewhere neither of us…


How To Survive The Loss of a Pet

Dealing with the loss of a beloved pet can be extremely devastating! Before I adopted my cat from the ASPCA in 2009 I never really understood how close a pet can get to you. My cat (who I named Cat [don’t judge]) was truly one of my best friends, and the loss of him over a year ago has…

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How To Plan A Vow Renewal in Hawaii

As I promised in my Two Years Down… post, here’s the story behind the recent vow renewal I surprised my husband with during our anniversary vacation to Hawaii.  I know it’s more typical to do a vow renewal after a big milestone anniversary, but I decided to do it this year for a very distinct reason.  This last…

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Two Years Down…

730 Days AgoOk, so it’s not exactly 730 days at this point, but basically my husband and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary on August 7th.  This post is actually late because we celebrated this occasion on the big island of Hawaii, and the island was too lush to spend time pounding away on this keyboard.  Now…


The Scam!

So, a weirdo tried to scam me!  Yep, you read that correctly.  As I was sitting at work the other day minding my own business, I get a voicemail supposedly from the IRS.  Upon listening to it I’m told that I must respond right away to a legal issue.  Now normally I would have totally ignored this, but unfortunately…