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How To Be A Pen Pal

Have you ever considered having a pen pal?  I’ve known quite a few people that had pen pals when they were kids, but then grew out of it.   However, having a pen pal as an adult is a great way to further your knowledge of other cultures and circumstances.  I joined Interpals.net eight years ago, and while I…


My Ultimate Travel Bucket List

A recent conversation with my husband resulted in my serious contemplation of what destinations “I just have to see” before I die.  I had always kept a few of them in the back of my mind, but this conversation revealed that some new locales have jumped up my list.  I won’t share my husband’s travel list because let…


Top Masks for Oily Skin

With summer just around the corner, it’s time for me to break out the clay masks that keep me from becoming an oily mess the moment I step outside.  By cleaning out my pores, I’m also reducing the number of impurities that can easily morph into acne.Michael Todd Cosmetics Kaolin Clay MaskI first began using this…


My Current Skin Care Regimen

 Due to some medical issues during Christmas time, my face began to backslide into the hell of cystic acne, tons of blackheads and huge pores.  Top this off with a pretty extreme winter season, and things have not been all that fun.  However, I seem to be on the mend (at least where my face is concerned), so here…


Mirror, Mirror…

Meanest of Them All?Those of you familiar with fairy tales will recognize my play on words from Snow White & The Seven Dwarves, at least I hope you will or else that pun just totally fell flat!  As a step mom, it’s pretty hard to not be lumped into the wicked stepmother category by your kids, especially when…


Argan Oil To The Rescue!!!!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin*This post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn some  money if you click on one.I recently ran out of the Etae Shampoo I had been using, and desperately needed something that would moisturize and detangle my hair, as I was about to reinstall some kinky twists before my trip to New York…


Happy Birthday to Me!

Milestone Birthday?Today (May 15th) is my 35th birthday!  Wow!  I can’t believe I just wrote that!  I really haven’t thought much about my birthday over the last couple of years because let’s face it, they all start to blend together at some point.  I can remember like yesterday when one of my dearest friends told me…