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How To Plan A Vow Renewal in Hawaii

As I promised in my Two Years Down… post, here’s the story behind the recent vow renewal I surprised my husband with during our anniversary vacation to Hawaii.  I know it’s more typical to do a vow renewal after a big milestone anniversary, but I decided to do it this year for a very distinct reason.  This last…

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Two Years Down…

730 Days AgoOk, so it’s not exactly 730 days at this point, but basically my husband and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary on August 7th.  This post is actually late because we celebrated this occasion on the big island of Hawaii, and the island was too lush to spend time pounding away on this keyboard.  Now…


The Scam!

So, a weirdo tried to scam me!  Yep, you read that correctly.  As I was sitting at work the other day minding my own business, I get a voicemail supposedly from the IRS.  Upon listening to it I’m told that I must respond right away to a legal issue.  Now normally I would have totally ignored this, but unfortunately…


My Favorite Cookbook

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before on this blog, but my family and I recently moved, which caused me to find several treasures I hadn’t used in quite a long time.  This recipe book definitely falls into that category!  Daisy Cooks! was the first cookbook by chef Daisy Martinez that I ever bought, and has…

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Minamul Luxurious All Natural Dry Brushing Bundle Review

Bundle ReviewI recently reviewed this brush bundle on my YouTube channel, so I thought I’d tie in a post on this blog for those of you that aren’t subscribed to my channel. I was contacted by a rep from the company, and they asked me if I was interested in purchasing this product with a discount code…


How This Blog Got Its Name

The NameSince starting this blog I’ve had several people ask me why the blog has this particular name.  People who don’t know me well often think that I work with actual chocolate in some sort of way, but unfortunately I’m not that lucky.  I spent more months than I’d like to admit thinking of just…


How To Be A Pen Pal

Have you ever considered having a pen pal?  I’ve known quite a few people that had pen pals when they were kids, but then grew out of it.   However, having a pen pal as an adult is a great way to further your knowledge of other cultures and circumstances.  I joined eight years ago, and while I…