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Today is December 1st!  No, really we’re in the last month of 2017!  How did this happen?!  Anyway, shock and disbelief aside, there are only 24 more days until Christmas.  Although I already have presents picked out for my hubby, I thought I’d share this gift guide for those of you still trying to decide on the best gift for that man in your life.  Keep in mind that I have geared these picks to my own husband’s tastes, but hopefully it’ll inspire you!


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I don’t know about the man in your life, but my hubby can sometimes be pretty hard on his clothing!  His work sometimes forces him into dirty, rugged places where he ultimately messes up some part of his wardrobe.  My honey is a whopping 6″5″ and played on his high school and college football teams as a defensive tackle, so he’s no small fry!  Thankfully stores like Destination XL exist and offer gift cards.  This give Mr. Chocolate Mommy the chance to go in and pick out clothes that will genuinely fit him.  Unless your guy is a clothes horse that always keeps up to date on his closet, then some picks by you or a gift card can be a great choice.



52638728-300x300 Top 5 Gifts for MenWhen he isn’t growing out his beard, my hubby has to shave every other day to keep the scruff at bay.  When I first met him he was using a popular drugstore brand, and was spending a ridiculous amount each month on replacement razor heads.  Thanks to a recommendation from GabeBabeTV on YouTube I ordered him a starter set from  While he was hesitant to give this product a try in the beginning, he now loves his razors from Harry’s!  I used to have to order replacement razors via their website (which is fast and amazing), but Harry’s products can now be found at our local Target.  When asked, my hubby said that Harry’s razors are incredibly sharp and do not drag across his skin even when it’s almost time to switch out to a new head.  The extremely affordable price is another boon, as you can pick up an eight pack of blades for $16!  Perhaps gram your man a starter set like I did, and see if they become his faves as well!

3.Hobby Stuff

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Men like their hobbies, and are always looking to expand upon them.  In my hubby’s case he likes Magic The Gathering, Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Shadespire.  Kudos to you if you know anything about what I just wrote!!!  In the case of the Warhammer figurines, my husband actually assembles and paints all of his figurines.  We’re lucky to live in a city that has quite a few hobby stores where I can pick up painting supplies, new kits and the gameplay books he needs.  Another option for this gift would be a gift card to Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or Joann’s where he could pick up terrain materials, plastic covering and an airbrushing machine.


4.Homemade Gifts

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I’ve started making homemade soap for relaxation (and perhaps someday for profit) and my hubby has already put in a request for a particular soap.  I’ve mentioned on my YouTube channel that my husband is super sensitive to synthetic fragrances.  This nixes out many of the popular soaps found in stores, so he’s only be able to use a very limited range of products (Lush Handmade Cosmetics, Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap, etc).  The soap above is a tea tree and peppermint essential oil blend made using a melt and pour base.  If you’ve got the time or inclination, then making a homemade gift is as simple as taking a visit to a craft store for a soap base.  Since craft stores have been taking all my money lately, I can tell you that there are tons of kits available to make any number of homemade crafts for your loved ones!


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This is probably the easiest choice if you’re not sure exactly what you want to gift that special man in your life!  Whether they love the newest game console or smartphone, you can search for the newest thing, and pretty much satisfy their needs.  In the case of my husband, Best Buy is one of his favorite stores.  I definitely recommend getting a gift card for this one, as it would be better to let the guy choose his own gift from such a large offering of items.


So, that’s my list for the man (or men) in your life.  Hopefully any guys reading this might also use it to give their loved ones hints to what they want.  I’m very blessed that my husband usually likes everything I give him, so hopefully my winning streak continues this year!  Please let me know of at other suggestions, and perhaps I’ll really be able to surprise him next year.  What’s the best gift you ever received?





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