How This Blog Got Its Name


The Name

Since starting this blog I’ve had several people ask me why the blog has this particular name.  People who don’t know me well often think that I work with actual chocolate in some sort of way, but unfortunately I’m not that lucky.  I spent more months than I’d like to admit thinking of just what name I wanted to call this blog, and boiled it down to The Chocolate Mommy because of two very special people.

The Back Story

When I met my husband three years ago, he had full custody of his two children, and so dating him meant accepting the fact that they too would become a part of my life.  As our relationship became more serious, my husband proposed to me, and I moved to South Dakota where he lived.  From the very first weekend I met them, our kids were completely accepting of me!  Eight and seven at the time they understood that I was not their biological mom, buy they wanted me to fill the role of mom they’d been missing out on.

So, I therefore became the chocolate mommy as a way for them to distinguish me from their biological mother.  As our relationship strengthened they no longer have the need to use this nickname, but it has always made me feel loved when I think of it.  While I had a very fulfilled life before my current relationship, becoming a mother to these two kids enriched my life in the most profound way.  When I tried to think of a name that would reflect the changes my life has undergone, this one meant the most to me.

Hopefully this explains the mystery of my name, and people will stop expecting me to make them chocolate goodies all the time.  Seriously, I’m not lucky enough to work with chocolate all day!


Spokane based lifestyle blogger with a blended family and crazy miniature English bulldog.


  1. The HALLY HeART

    I love hearing how people get their blog names! Sometimes a really good story comes from it!

    19 . 07 . 2017
  2. Mandy

    I absolutely love the story behind youR blog name. You all are so lucky to have suCh a great relationship!

    20 . 07 . 2017
    • Kim

      Thanks Mandy! I’m blessed!

      23 . 07 . 2017

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