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My Goals for 2018!


I’m not usually the type to write down (or even seriously think about) my New Year’s Resolutions until I actually break them, but I decided to behave differently this year!  There is so much that I want to get done (both personally and professionally) that I want to have an actual goal to complete by this time next…

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Top 5 Gifts for Men

Today is December 1st!  No, really we’re in the last month of 2017!  How did this happen?!  Anyway, shock and disbelief aside, there are only 24 more days until Christmas.  Although I already have presents picked out for my hubby, I thought I’d share this gift guide for those of you still trying to decide on the best…


Top Five Things I Would Tell My Younger Self!

I recently received a call from a sophomore at my undergraduate alma mater, who while trying to request donations to the school, also preceded to tell me all about what’s happened since I graduated 12 years ago.  Ouch, has it been that long!!   Anyway, after ending the call, I started to think about what advice I would have given…


Top Tips For Online Dating!

When it comes to finding a mate online, it can be extremely hard to know exactly which route to choose. I started dating men I met online when I was 20 years old, and learned a lot about the process (and myself) along the way. I’m 35 now, so 15 years ago dating online was still a very new…

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Five Ways My Life Has Changed Since Becoming A Parent!

In my post Mirror, Mirror…, I mentioned my challenges as a stepmother, and my worry that the kids might resent me for telling them what to do when I’m not their “real” mom.  Thankfully, I think writing that post helped me get a lot off my chest, so here I’m listing the five ways becoming a parent has…


How To Survive The Loss of a Pet

Dealing with the loss of a beloved pet can be extremely devastating! Before I adopted my cat from the ASPCA in 2009 I never really understood how close a pet can get to you. My cat (who I named Cat [don’t judge]) was truly one of my best friends, and the loss of him over a year ago has…

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How To Plan A Vow Renewal in Hawaii

As I promised in my Two Years Down… post, here’s the story behind the recent vow renewal I surprised my husband with during our anniversary vacation to Hawaii.  I know it’s more typical to do a vow renewal after a big milestone anniversary, but I decided to do it this year for a very distinct reason.  This last…