When it comes to finding a mate online, it can be extremely hard to know exactly which route to choose. I started dating men I met online when I was 20 years old, and learned a lot about the process (and myself) along the way. I’m 35 now, so 15 years ago dating online was still a very new…


The Sekhmet Bed: A Review

Libbie Hawker’s The Sekhmet Bed introduces us to the royal family of Egypt immediately after the death of Pharaoh Amunhotep.  Hawker sets up the novel with then Princess Ahmose being told that she is to be the Great Royal Wife, which basically means that she’s the first wife from whom all heirs will be legitimate.  I found the…


Step Back In Time At The Wyndham Kona Hawaiian!

Having already given a list of things to do and eat on the Big Island, this post is my review of the Wyndham Kona Hawaiian Resort in Kailua Kona.  I’ve stayed at this awesome resort twice now, and had a great time on both occasions.  The above link is to Expedia’s booking page for the resort, but there…


The Return of JTV!

One of my guiltiest pleasures, Jane the Virgin, began it’s fourth season tonight (10/13/17).  As much as I was looking forward to it, I have to say that “Chapter Sixty-Five” was not one of my favorites!  I’m hoping that as the season progresses, my  feelings will change, but in case they don’t, here’s…

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Five Ways My Life Has Changed Since Becoming A Parent!

In my post Mirror, Mirror…, I mentioned my challenges as a stepmother, and my worry that the kids might resent me for telling them what to do when I’m not their “real” mom.  Thankfully, I think writing that post helped me get a lot off my chest, so here I’m listing the five ways becoming a parent has…


Things to Do On the Big Island of Hawaii

My husband and I chose the big island of Hawaii for our combined honeymoon/first anniversary trip last year, and loved it so much we decided to take the whole family back this year.  To be honest, I’d never really been interested in traveling to Hawaii, but my husband was very keen to travel to somewhere neither of us…


How To Survive The Loss of a Pet

Dealing with the loss of a beloved pet can be extremely devastating! Before I adopted my cat from the ASPCA in 2009 I never really understood how close a pet can get to you. My cat (who I named Cat [don’t judge]) was truly one of my best friends, and the loss of him over a year ago has…